Review of Ladder Stocks

Ladder Stocks is no longer an active program. As a great alternative, we recommend Penny Stock Sniper.

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michael astorThe Ladder Stock Watch List is an interesting new development in the world of business investing, particularly equities in stock. However, does it really work, or is it one in a long list of scams?

The program claims to be able to multiply your investment by as much as 1,150%. If that were true, surely the program would have been all over the media and the big banks would be in on it, rather than this being an option for regular and average people – right? However, Ladder Stocks only works with those stocks that big banks can’t purchase, and that is the key to how it works. I am always interested in investments, so figured I would check this one out.


What Is Ladder Stocks Watch List?


Ladder Stocks was developed by Michael Astor. It is a completely new trading system. Astor is a Pro Stock Hunter, who trained himself from start to finish. He wants to show people how to turn a $5 investment into a seven-figure payout.

Basically, the program is created for those people who have no trading experience whatsoever. It is designed to protect people from poor advice. If you have ever come across anybody who has made an investment, they will probably mention that they have their eye on a “hot stock”. Taxi drivers are particularly guilty of this. The problem is that, for some reason, we actually listen to these people and end up losing our money.

We know that over 97% of new stocks collapse under pressure. However, this also means that around 3% of all stocks don’t. These are known as the “ladder stocks”. What Ladder Stocks Watch List does is alert you as soon as one of those stocks is around, meaning you have an almost guaranteed win.


What’s In the Package?


The package includes an easy Quick Start Guide that will get you going on the stock market right away. The book is incredibly easy to understand, as it is designed mainly for those new to the world of investing. Of course, this doesn’t mean more advanced investors can’t use it either. Essentially, the goal of the program is to make sure that you can earn your money quickly and be free from financial worries. It is not a get rich quick scheme, however, as there are always risks and how much you can earn depends entirely on how much you put on.

An example of a stock that was identified through this program was the Chinese agricultural firm GRO, which gave investors an 175.7% return. Best of all, it only took 26 days to do this. This means that those who put in a single dollar saw a return of $175.70 in less than a month. Imagine how those who put in $100 felt!


Another example was UPZS, which was a restaurant in Pennsylvania. The big brokers in Wall Street didn’t even look at it, but it took just 76 hours for this company to see a return of 176.2%. That is serious money, which can be earned incredibly quickly.

What Ladder Stocks does is alert you as soon as one of these types of stocks becomes available. It doesn’t guarantee that the return will be as big, or as quick, but the chances of this happening are very high. What matters most, however, is that the results are always going to be better than had you picked a stock off the back of your head.

Of course, these are just two examples, but there are many more. It demonstrates that within the world of stock exchange, Wall Street and the big banks only look at companies that have huge stocks and will make huge winnings. However, any company that gets on the stock market is potentially interesting. Sure, a huge bank may not be interested in a sandwich shop in a tiny town somewhere in Missouri, but if sufficient individual people take note of that sandwich shop, then their stock value can still rise exponentially.

These stocks are also very cheap to buy, which is how the program can help turn just $5 into a massive payout. The reality is that on the regular stock market, $5 won’t get you anywhere. A share in Facebook, for instance, is already over $20. These are the stocks and shares that the big investors are interested in. And you also have to add that by making investments in the smaller companies, the ones you can afford, you are making a positive contribution to the local economy. Of course, this is normally classed as a risky investment, but Ladder Stocks does all the checking for you and will only advise you to purchase a stock once they are satisfied you have a big chance of success.


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The Verdict


I found that Ladder Stocks is certainly not a scam — you just have to invest at your own pace. I find it to be an easy to use program and can definitely see it’s potential. I recommend this program to anybody who wants to have a go at the markets, and is looking for a little bit of guidance.